How are you preparing for 2023?

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I have been travelling around the United States as part of my mission to create an Action Plan for 2023!

Is your preparation for the following upcoming events going well?

What would happen if:

  • You lose your job.

  • Your currency lost all its value.

  • The war between Russia and Ukraine is formalized

  • Interest rates continue to rise

  • The cost of fertilizer continues to rise

  • The cost of the family basket increases

  • Something happens between North Korea and its neighbors

  • Something happens with the oil and gas.

The only thing we can be sure of is that we are on a ticking time bomb.



Part of my success is to invest myself in high-level coaches and outstanding masterminds continually. Such masterminds were Tony Robbins, Dr. Bob Proctor, and Brandon Burchard.

The Warroom event was spectacularly run by two giants of the Digital Marketing World, Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier. I had the opportunity to sit with 100 other business owners on a mission. I am excited to share the insights I learned in my new leadership community.

What is coming is very painful, and we need a plan. Despite a solid economy in the United States, ordinary people are not ready for this challenge. Even more so, my country Colombia, and Latin America, in general, can be seriously hit.

How do you prepare for war?

If you are in a war, you must know what to do and have many things on top of your mind: evacuation routes, alternative plans, where to get essential supplies, and where and how you will survive. Look at your location and whether it is safe to stay there. You have to prioritize where to go or what to do.

I want to discuss this later in our Digital Leadership Sharks community.


In the second part of the journey, I attended an elite mastermind group of people in Bosie, Idaho. I met innovative entrepreneurs worldwide who called themselves the 1%. It was fantastic to define, develop and deploy online opportunities. In my new community, I will share some of the fundamental accelerators to have multiple sources of income online.


The third phase of my journey was to join the most brilliant business minds in the world to get scalable organizations.  

Here is Daymond Jhon, the shark tank investor, one of the most brilliant business minds in the world. He shares insights for 2023, and you can have him as one of your closest advisors.

Here is Marcus Lemonis, the profit guy. What he said exploded in my mind, and he is part of the new leadership sharks community!

I want to share that he whispers in my ear only, so this is a massive chance to excel. 


When I grew up in Colombia, I had a dream. I watched a movie where the main actors took a private jet; it was expensive, it was luxury, and I thought, ''there is no way that will ever be me''. But with all the lessons I learned, I did it, and so will you if you are part of my community.

What can you achieve when you explore business in the air with the most amazing team in the world?  

Hey guys, I am sitting here with Roland Frasier, who turned over 3.5 billion dollars this year alone. One of the best things to do is to surround yourself with exponential businesses and successful people. Have a Top Board of Directors for your ideas and businesses. Make deals in the air.

What am I going to do with all the information I gathered?

The answer is my new LEADERSHIP SHARKS community; I will impact not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of people.

It will be a community where I will leverage all my valuable alliances, including my life mentor, friend, and public speaking teacher FORBES RILEY, a celebrity who has sold over 2.5 billion dollars in infomercials. She will be our foundation mentor, teaching us about the art of the pitch. Because we need to master this skill to achieve massive results,

The simplest thing I could do was sit still and not share the information. But as a disruptive businessman, I must act quickly.

Undertaking these trips has impacted me because I could not be with my family or closest circle on important days, but everything is for the greater good. When you have this calling and this sense of urgency, you know it's for something bigger than yourself.

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